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Kustomize Installation

The following steps can be used to install the operator on any Kubernetes environment with minimal overhead.


The steps in this process require the cluster-admin ClusterRole or equivalent.


This guide uses minikube to deploy a Kubernetes cluster locally, follow the instructions for your platform to install.

Run minikube with a dedicated profile. Adjust the system resources as needed for your platform.

minikube start -p argocd --cpus=4 --disk-size=40gb --memory=8gb

Using Kustomize to automate the manual installation process

The following section outlines the steps necessary to deploy the ArgoCD Operator using kustomize.


It is a good idea to create a new namespace for the operator.

kubectl create namespace argocd

Once the namespace is created, set up the local context to use the new namespace.

kubectl config set-context argocd --cluster argocd --namespace argocd --user argocd
kubectl config use-context argocd

All the resources will now be created in the new namespace.

kustomization.yaml provides a low overhead for folks getting started. Instead of having to apply each of the individual manifests, users can just run the below command.

kubectl apply -k deploy/

Alternatively, kustomization is also added at the root dir of operator referencing the deploy kustomization. Users can simply run the below command to install the operator and required resources.

kustomize build .

NOTE: Above command requires kustomize as a pre-requisite.