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Note: This feature is currently supported only in openshift.

This feature enables keycloak as a Single sign-on provider for ArgoCD. If operator is deployed in OpenShift Container Platform, Keycloak acts as an Identity broker between ArgoCD and OpenShift, Which means one can also login into ArgoCD using their OpenShift Users.

The following example shows the most minimal valid manifest to create a new Argo CD cluster with keycloak as a Single sign-on provider.

kind: ArgoCD
  name: example-argocd
    example: basic
    provider: keycloak
     enabled: true


Create a new Argo CD Instance in the argocd namespace using the provided example.

kubectl create -n argocd -f examples/argocd-keycloak.yaml


The above configuration creates a keycloak instance and its relevant resources along with the Argo CD resources. Users can login into the keycloak console using the below commands.

Get the Keycloak Route URL for Login.

kubectl -n argocd get route keycloak
NAME   HOST/PORT                                                                PATH   SERVICES   PORT    TERMINATION   WILDCARD
keycloak********.com          keycloak        <all>   reencrypt     None

Get the Keycloak Credentials which are stored as environment variables in the keycloak pod.

Get the Keycloak Pod name.

kubectl -n argocd get pods
NAME                                         READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
keycloak-1-2sjcl                                  1/1     Running            0          45m

Get the Keycloak Username.

kubectl -n argocd exec keycloak-1-2sjcl -- "env" | grep SSO_ADMIN_USERNAME

Get the Keycloak Password.

kubectl -n argocd exec keycloak-1-2sjcl -- "env" | grep SSO_ADMIN_PASSWORD

Additional Steps for Disconnected OpenShift Clusters

In a disconnected cluster, Keycloak communicates with OpenShift Oauth Server through proxy. Below are some additional steps that needs to followed to get Keycloak integrated with OpenShift Oauth Login.

Login to the Keycloak Pod

oc exec -it dc/keycloak -n argocd -- /bin/bash

Run JBoss Cli command


Start an Embedded Standalone Server

embed-server --server-config=standalone-openshift.xml

Run the below command to setup proxy mappings for OpenShift OAuth Server host


Stop the Embedded Server


Reload JBoss

/opt/eap/bin/ --connect --command=:reload


You can see an option to Log in via keycloak apart from the usual ArgoCD login.


Click on LOGIN VIA KEYCLOAK. You will see two different options for login as shown below. The one on the left will allow you to login into argo cd via keycloak username and password. The one on the right will allow you to login into argo cd using your openshift username and password.

Login with Openshift

You can create keycloak users by logging in to keycloak admin console using the Keycloak admin credentials.

NOTE: Keycloak instance takes 2-3 minutes to be up and running. You will see the option LOGIN VIA KEYCLOAK only after the keycloak instance is up.

By default any user logged into ArgoCD will have read-only access. User level access can be managed by updating the argocd-rbac-cm configmap.

The below example show how to grant user foobar with email ID admin access to ArgoCD. More information regarding ArgoCD RBAC can be found here

policy.csv: |
  g,, role:admin

Change Keycloak Admin Password

You can change the Keycloak Admin Password that is created by the operator as shown below.

Login to the Keycloak Admin Console using the Admin user as described in the above section. Click on the user drop-down at the top right and click on the Manage Account.

Manage Account

Click on the Password tab to update the Keycloak Admin Password.

Change Admin Password


You can delete the Keycloak resources and its relevant configuration by removing the SSO field from ArgoCD Custom Resource Spec.

Example ArgoCD after removing the SSO field should look something like this.

kind: ArgoCD
  name: example-argocd
    example: basic
     enabled: true

Note: Keycloak application created by this feature is currently not persistent. Incase of restarts, Any additional configuration created by the users in ArgoCD Keycloak realm will be deleted.