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Argo CD Operator

A Kubernetes operator for managing Argo CD clusters.


The Argo CD Operator manages the full lifecycle for Argo CD and its components. The operator's goal is to automate the tasks required when operating an Argo CD cluster.

Beyond installation, the operator helps to automate the process of upgrading, backing up and restoring as needed and remove the human as much as possible. In addition, the operator aims to provide deep insights into the Argo CD environment by configuring Prometheus and Grafana to aggregate, visualize and expose the metrics already exported by Argo CD.

The operator aims to provide the following, and is a work in progress.

  • Easy configuration and installation of the Argo CD components with sane defaults to get up and running quickly.
  • Provide seamless upgrades to the Argo CD components.
  • Ability to back up and restore an Argo CD cluster from a point in time or on a recurring schedule.
  • Aggregate and expose the metrics for Argo CD and the operator itself using Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Autoscale the Argo CD components as necessary to handle variability in demand.