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The Argo CD Operator was created with the intention of running through the Operator Lifecycle Manager, specifically on OpenShift 4. This is where the operator shines most, as it leverages the powerful features built into the latest version of OpenShift.

That being said, the operator can be installed and provide the same functionality on any Kubernetes cluster. The following methods are provided for installing the operator.


The operator is published as part of the built-in Community Operators in the Operator Hub on OpenShift 4. See the OpenShift Install Guide for more information on installing on the OpenShift platorm.

Operator Lifecycle Manager

Using the Operator Lifecycle Manager to install and manage the Argo CD Operator is the preferred method. The operator is published to Following the installation process there should work for most OLM installations.

Look at the OLM Install Guide for an example using this approach with minikube.

Manual Installation

The operator can be installed manually if desired.


The manual installation method requires cluster credentials that provide the cluster-admin ClusterRole or equivalent.

The Manual Installation Guide provides the steps needed to manually install the operator on any Kubernetes cluster.